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The vineyards around Kaltern are criss-crossed with walking paths, but mixed deciduous forest towards the Montiggl lakes, and high altitude paths on the Mendel mountain ridge – bordering with Trentino – make for plenty of variety in the ground beneath your walking boots, too.

Mediterranean hikes in the Alps?

Pull on your walking boots! Kaltern and its wide range of countryside is best explored on foot! A hike is a great way to discover the seven districts that form Kaltern: a network of paths connects individual villages of this market town. Numerous tours lead to the hilly vineyard locations, their names chiselled in white marble slabs on the ground. Vineyards, cypresses, olive trees, proud estates as well as rural wine farms adorn the landscape. The circular walk to the Lake at Kaltern is a must and perfect for immersing yourself in the typical Alpine-Mediterranean atmosphere of the South of South Tyrol.

The Mendel mountain ridge rises up in the west. The pass, at 1,364 m above sea level, may be easily reached by taking the Mendelbahn railway. This funicular railway belongs to the public transport service and is the simplest, best value and most environmentally friendly way to conquer the nearly 900 metres elevation gain. Kaltern High Alpine Path runs through the Mendel mountain ridge halfway up and the narrow yet well constructed steep path offers hikers all-round views towards Bozen and as far as the Dolomites.

From the Mendel Pass, Roen mountain may be reached in 2.5 hours. This is the most southerly and also highest point on the Mendel ridge. This peak definitely affords one of the best viewpoints in the southern Alps. The Dolomites in the east and Brenta Group in the west seem close enough to touch.

But there are beauty spots nearby, too. Wonderful tours start right on your doorstep. One of them: the mystical 'Ice Holes'.

Geological variety and culinary delights

This geologically very interesting hike through the Rastenbackklamm ravine at Alternburg should be a definite feature of your programme. The interplay of water, rock and fauna is unique and the cool and shady chasms provide a well earned cool spot in high summer.

Hiking in Kaltern has a bit of everything – possible tour options range from Alpine to gentle stroll. Hungry and thirsty walkers will always find somewhere to stop off for refreshment to make a day's hiking a thoroughly pleasurable experience, too.

For keen hikers:

  • Lots of tips on hikes and maps for hire
  • guided tours (from Kaltern Tourist Board)
  • hikes starting on your doorstep
  • wholesome breakfast with fresh grain müsli and all that sporty types could need
  • packed lunch on request
  • shuttle service
  • laundry service on request
  • hiking poles for hire

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