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The Lake at Kaltern, with its alternating hues of turquoise blue and silvery-green, gleams up amidst the vineyards. It's so inviting that you absolutely have to take a dip in it. Into the wonderful symbol of the wine village of Kaltern, in the lovely Überetsch valley, in the South of South Tyrol.

Bathing fun with a touch of wellness

Every day the lake can bask in the sun's last golden rays whilst the village of Kaltern is already enshrouded in shade. This might be why it is so invitingly warm. Being the warmest bathing lake in the Alps, it wins over even the most cold-averse swimmers. After a dip it's best to do as the lake does and enjoy the warming sun whilst lying on its banks.

Nature's splendour from all angles

In, on and around the lake you'll find yourself entering a dreamworld. Taking a leisurely stroll around the lake through vineyards containing ripening grapes, and going across wooden jetties through unspoilt natural reedy biotopes. Catching a glimpse of the water again and again. The lake extends over an area of over 1.74 square kilometres and caters for all sorts of pursuits. Pedalling pedalos, sailing, swimming and windsurfing – and in winter, skating across the ice. Anyone appreciating nature's beauty spots will definitely be enchanted by the Lake at Kaltern. On one side. And on the other?

Lakeside service

The west and east banks of the lake feature restaurants, cafés and bars to round off a day's swimming in enjoyable fashion, tempt passers-by with ice-cream in colourful tubs, or provide the perfect backdrop to an evening's dining.

For all swimmers, sun worshippers, paddlers, sailors, strollers and those appreciating views of the lake, we have a special surprise: those staying at Hotel Römerrast gain free entry to 'Gretl am See' pool and beach.

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