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At least, that's how it is on the South Tyrol Wine Road, which runs past Nals to the capital, Bozen, through the Überetsch valley and Unterland to Salurn. It connects 15 villages, all having a common passion: wine.

Everything has a season

Vineyards, as far as the eye can see – and sporting different robes according to the season. In spring, freshly pruned with delicate flowers, in summer, lush green with ripening fruit, in autumn, harvest-ready in golden cloaks, and hibernating during the winter, shrouded in frost and snow. Red and white wine grapes may develop their taste thanks to fertile slopes and diverse locations. These are then pressed, fermented and processed into wine. Wine is part of the history, culture and daily life here, in the South of South Tyrol.

Swirling, sniffing, tasting

Handling fine wine requires knowledge in order to appreciate it at a higher level. Tours of wine cellars and wine tasting sessions abound. Every wine village has small wine farmers or big wineries with even bigger names. Rustic and original, or sophisticated and elegant. There's no escaping wine while out hiking or strolling through the villages either. And those receptive to the taste, smell and history of the individual wines might find themselves developing a passion for it.

The Wine Experience is just perfect for anyone spending a holiday in Kaltern. Events on the subject take place all year round. WinepassPLUS  allows use of all public transport all over South Tyrol and may be used to explore South Tyrol's museums and all aspects of the South Tyrol Wine Road.

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