In order to completely experience a place, you have to taste it.“ At Hotel Römerrast, tradition comes on a plate – sometimes with new interpretations and stage-managed on special evenings.

Barbecue evenings

Not just a case of “we're eating out tonight“ - barbecue evenings at Hotel Römerrast have nearly achieved cult status! “There have always been barbecue evenings and it will stay that way“ is what loyal guests think.“It's more than just barbecuing – it's a real summer feeling, enjoying pleasant company, tasting the southern variety of South Tyrol on mild evenings and an evening that you can look forward to a week in advance.“ Brightly coloured salads from the buffet, Italian pasta dishes, vegetables and meat from the barbecue with a sweet surprise at the end.“When the accompanying wine fits the bill, things can go on until quite late...“

'Törggelen' in the hotel

Those travelling through the South of South Tyrol in autumn will not fail to notice an epicurean custom: 'Törggelen', or feasting on roasted chestnuts and the new season's wine, is a culinary event! Guests at Hotel Römerrast won't even need to look for a Buschenschank in order to try the grilled platter, accompanied by cabbage and dumplings that is typically served, too. In the autumnally decorated dining room, food that's in season all over the area is dished up. Cheers!

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